“The dolls’ house fairy”


We recently bought “The dolls’ house fairy” by Jane Ray and it really captured the imaginations of the children I look after and they wanted me to read it over and over again! A little girl, Rosy and her Father play and make things for her dolls house. One day Rosy’s father is taken ill, while he is away in hospital a fairy moves into the doll’s house. The fairy is called “Thistle” she has hurt her wing so Rosy decided to look after her, Rosy soon discovers Thistle isn’t quite the fairy she had expected but quickly grows to love her. This is such a sweet read and children love it, highly recommend!

“The doll’s house fairy” has inspired us to get fairy crafty!

Peg doll fairies!

Need: Wooden pegs, fabric, leaves, fabric tape, wool, double sided tape, pens, pipe cleaners.

The children first chose their fabric and we wrapped it around securing with double sided tape. We stuck wool for the hair and drew on a face (Thimble the fairy in the story also has a necklace and anklet so some children choose to add these).We then went into the garden selected some leaves. I put a piece of double sided tape around the centre of the peg and the children stuck on their selected leaves. I then wrapped some fabric tape to ensure the leaves were secure. Finally we bent the pipe cleaner into wings and secured with fabric tape.


2016-09-14-11-19-492016-01-04 14.28.54

Fairy house

Need: milk bottle, pens that can write on plastic e.g. sharpies, scissors, decorations (e.g. stickers, pipe cleaner, fabric tape, washi tape).

2016-01-11 12.50.53

I prepared the bottle by cutting out a door and window. Then I invited the children to decorate their house using pens and any other decorations you have available.

2016-01-11 12.46.34

Fairy wand

Need: A Sticks and bits to decorate it with e.g. paint, glitter, thin bendable wire, beads, wool, ribbon, pipe cleaners, buttons.

These sticks can really be decorated in a variety of ways to transform them into fairy wands. The sticks could be painted and sprinkled with glitter before decorating. We then wrapped thin wire around with beads. Finally we add a pipe cleaner at the top, but they could be decorated any way you fancy… I think washi tape, coloured wool and ribbons would be fantastic too!

2016-01-11 12.44.03

Check out my board on Pinterest for more ideas!

Happy reading and creating! xx


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