Any fireman Sam fans?


Russell JulianWhen Tom was about 3-4 years old he fell in love with Fireman Sam and all things related to fire engines! As this was his interested I wanted to find books relate to the fire service, however I found this quite difficult. However, this was our favourite “George’s Dragon at the fire station” by Claire Freedman and Russell Julian, it is a great humorous read! This is the story of George and his family who have a pet dragon named “Sparky”. When the local fire station have an open day, they are all excited to visit. However Sparky is very clumsy and courses a few mishaps but helps save the day in the end. This story is written by the same author as “Aliens love Underpants” which another one of our favourite picture books! This is a great story especially for all children who dream of being in the fire service.

2015-03-25 14.56.40

The children really enjoyed making their hand prints into firefighters and footprints in fire engines!

What is your favourite fire fighter story book?

Happy reading!!! xx



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