What has made me smile in December and a look ahead to 2016!

I really hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Wow, busy month! So much has made me smile!

Here is my top ten (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. Spending time with wonderful people! Too many to mention all but here are some highlights: A wonderful friend for my birthday bought me a ticket to see “Beautiful” the theatre show, it was so wonderful to go and see with her and Mummy. My oldest friend came up to spend the day with us with her beautiful family. Christmas meal with some fabulous friends- eating yummy food, wine and chatting!
  2. Christmas preparations! I love decorating the house with Christmas decorations, letting Tom choose the tree and making decorations with the children! Buying and making presents and spending time wrapping them. SMILE!        2015-12-12 16.07.58.jpg
  3. My great Friend and I did our first official arts and craft workshop for 4-7 year olds. We did two workshop in one day and they both went really well, the children enjoyed what they did and parents seemed happy too. We were exhausted by the end but happy!
  4. Mulled Wine, just makes me smile………. that amazing smell! Mr Lee for Christmas bought me an Oliver Bonas candle which has that same beautiful smell too!
  5. Tom’s Christmas play was wonderful, he was so pleased to see us watching him, and he kept waving at us. It was also wonderful because most of the children I look after were in the play too, I felt so proud of them all!
  6. Christmas Eve and Christmas day were wonderful! Well to be totally honest from about 12.30pm Christmas Eve was wonderful, we had booked to see Santa at London Zoo, we left late and it was very wet so rushing up there in the pouring rain was a little stressful! However seeing Santa was great and then the rain stopped and we had a fab time looking around the zoo. Then we headed to Nando’s, onto Regent street to see the lights and a look around Hamley’s, the day ended watching “Inside out” on the sofa bed! Christmas day was very chilled out- lovely food, present opening, playing, reading and finally ended with the final Downton Abbey! A lovely family Christmas! 2015-12-24 13.57.57.jpg
  7. Reading! Love having the time to get into a book! These are the books I have read “The sisters” by Claire Douglas (a little strange for me), “The Rosie project” by Graeme Simsion (really enjoyed), “Purple Hibiscus” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (beautiful story though horrific in places) and I am in the middle of reading “Elizabeth is missing” by Emma Healey (really enjoying it though it is such a sad subject matter, close to many people’s hearts I know).
  8. Seeing family is always lovely at Christmas. My family Christmas get together was particularly special this year with the addition of my three nieces! It was also lovely to spend time with my sister in laws three boys, we do not see them often, Tom has great fun with them.
  9. This was a lovely small moment however very special, we were driving and were passing Caerphilly mountain and we decided to jump out and blow the cobwebs away. We had such a lovely walk, Tom thought it was amazing too! Smile! 2015-12-29 15.28.55
  10. Watching Tom play, I get totally wow-ed by his play! What an imagination! Where did he come up with that idea? Where did he learn that language? How did he know how to make that jet pack to add to his play? I want to capture those moments and stop him ever growing up!
  11. Sorry a seekly number 11! We went to see “The bear” at Albany theatre, Deptford. What a wonderful production! Highly recommend!

Look ahead to 2016…………….

2016-01-03 15.49.55

The voice inside my head is shouting “No it can’t be that time already, don’t make me get back into our everyday routine again!” The Christmas decorations are nearly down except a sad empty Christmas tree…. the house nearly back to normal again……… with added new bits and pieces here and there………. December is always a favourite months, but as I sit writing this I feel the loom of the year ahead, stretched out ahead of me. I generally make a few New Year’s resolutions each year, one that I always make is less thinking and researching about doing stuff and more actually getting on with it, the time I can waste on the internet is shocking, so yet again I think I need this as a resolution! As I write this I am reminded of a post I wrote back in the Summer about slow living, here is a section from it below:

Can I bring slow living into my everyday busy life………..? Here are some ideas I have come up with:

  • I love writing my end of the month post about things that have made me smile in that month, it really makes me review the month and remember the special moments. Also sometimes just before I go to sleep I list three things that have made me smile that day, I enjoy this because they tend to be the small things! It really reminds me how blessed I am!
  • Doing things I love! As you have previously read I have been making time for cooking and reading, things that I really love to do!
  • Spend time with the people I love! Once a month have a weekend that we don’t plan for, just spend time being us- a family……. Plan more evenings out with Mr Lee……… Make sure I organise to see friends often!
  • Take a bath once a week………… drink a cup of tea in bed once a week………….
  • Enjoy the world around us……….. make a herb garden……….. go to the woods……….. go to the seaside……… keep trying to make my garden somewhere I want to spend time.
  • Make sure I take time to sit and play with Tom when it is just me and him, without distraction.
  • Remember how much I/We have……….. we are truly blessed!

As I read over this again, I think these are things I will continue to nurture in my life. Maybe with these in mind I can feel positive and challenged about the year ahead!

Thanks for reading, hope you had a great December and that 2016 brings everything you hope it will do! xxx

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