Christmas books part 4!

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This year I have put together an advent book basket for Tom and we are loving it!  I am sharing the books with you throughout December. Here is the final part, part 4!

“Norman the slug with a silly shell” by Sue Hendra is one of my top picture books, so when I went in the book shop and saw “Norman the slug who saved Christmas” by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, I was delighted and had to be the book for Christmas Eve! The story is about when Santa accidently drops  a sack of toys, Norman puts into motion a plan that gets the gifts to the right children and therefore he saves Christmas! It is great that the story has similar elements and language as the first book. I look forward to sharing it with Tom soooon!

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I bought “Santa is coming to London” by Steve Smallman for Tom last Christmas, as we are totally in love with London so we had to have it! It is a lovely story about Santa’s journey to deliver toys to all the children. Santa is directed by his Sat Nav through London, it mentions lots of familiar areas and the pictures show many sights and monuments. The illustrations by Robert Dunn are wonderful! Lovely that is available for different cities and counties in the UK.

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A few years ago Granny and Grandad bought Tom “Jesus’ Christmas party” by Nicholas Allan. He chooses to read it throughout the year and I think as he has grown older he enjoys it and particularly the humour more and more. The book tells the traditional Christmas story but it is told through the point of view of the Inn keeper, who just wants a good night’s sleep. He becomes grumpier and grumpier as his sleep keeps getting interrupted! The ending of course changes his mood! I really enjoy reading this book to children…… getting into character! Highly recommend!

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“Kipper’s Christmas Eve” by Mick Inkpen, is the story of the well- loved character Kipper’s excitement for Christmas…… preparing the tree, giving and receiving gifts, spending time with friends and waiting for Father Christmas to arrive! Mick Inkpen never disappoints, with his story telling and wonderful illustration! A truly sweet story which you can’t help but smile throughout!

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“The night before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore, the classic Christmas picture book! The story is about Christmas Eve when all is quiet and Santa (St. Nicholas) delivers presents. We have two copies, one that Tom was given and the second copy is the one we had when I was a child! The copy from my childhood brings lovely memories, the excitement of getting the Christmas box out of the loft, to find it amongst the well-loved decorations! The illustrations are very different in each books, my copy pictures St. Nicholas smoking a pipe! A classic must have Christmas book!

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Merry Christmas everyone! xxx 


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