Festive watercolour kitchen towel art!

We love using our liquid water colours on kitchen towel, every time we do it we created a unique piece of art!

2015-12-15 09.29.522015-12-15 09.31.28

Need: Kitchen towel, tray (advisable to contain mess), pipet (or brush), liquid watercolours or food colouring.

2015-12-14 16.02.35

Place a piece of tissue paper on the tray, I prepared the Christmas trees but for the snowflake I cut it into shape after it had dried. Now invite children to use the pipet to drop colours on their tissue. Encourage the children to watch how the colour spreads and mixes new colours! It is best if the wet tissue is left on the tray to dry. Finally marvel at the wonderful piece of art!



Happy creating!!! xxx

P.S. Look at when we made kitchen towel watercolour autumn leaves! x

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