Fabulous Christmas trees!

We have been busy making Christmas trees inspired by Arts bar blog.

2016-12-14 11.17.38 (2).jpg

Need: Cardboard (we used part of a cardboard box), paint, paintbrush, glitter, wool or string, beads and/or straws cut into small pieces, pompoms (optional).

2015-12-09 15.05.42

I prepared the card by cutting it into tree shapes. The children firstly paint it and sprinkled glitter on top, we used neon paints but you could use any colours. When the paint was dry, the children threaded beads onto wool and I made small slits in the side of the trees so then the wool could be wrapped around the tree. Finally the children can glue on small pompoms for extra decoration.

2015-12-09 15.33.48


2015-12-11 08.34.39Happy making! xx

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