Homemade gifts: canvas art work!

Children’s art work is always a fantastic gift! Here is another super easy way to make a piece of art to give as a gift that can be made by very young children.

IMG_20160824_083516 (1).jpg

Need: Canvas (any shape or size- Tiger sell them from £1 or The works sell them cheaply too), paint, masking tape, paintbrushes (though with the very young children they will probably just use their hands!).

2015-12-08 13.00.11

I first prepared the canvas with the tape, I wrote the word “Love” or just lines but you could do anything you fancy! The children paint all over the canvas. When the paint is dry peel off the tape to see their beautiful unique piece of art!

Here are some more canvas ideas- autumn tree and dandelion art.

Happy making!

P.S Here is how to make a candle holder and a keyring to give as gifts! xx

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5 Responses to Homemade gifts: canvas art work!

  1. Angelina says:

    I’m planning on making a canvas as a gift too!


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