Christmas books part 2

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This year I have put together an advent book basket for Tom. I am sharing the books with you throughout December. Here is part 2!

“The Natvity play” by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen is a book I love to read around the time all the children are getting ready for their Christmas plays at school. Children love it as it is so relevant to what they are doing at school. The book tells the story of a class preparing and preforming their Christmas play. It shares some of the feelings and mishaps that may happen! The book includes small parts of traditional Christmas carols which I love to sing (though I can’t sing, luckily kids don’t care!). Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen are wonderful classic children author that never disappoint!

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“The snowman” and “Father Christmas” by Raymond Briggs, I guess need no introduction! Such classic loved picture books! They are so lovely to share with children and the fact they have no or very few words means, children can add their own words!  Years ago we took my nieces to see the stage version of “The snowman” which was delightful! I still have my childhood copy of “The Snowman” book, and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without watching “The snowman” on Christmas Eve!

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When we had friends staying with us from Australia, they gave Tom two Christmas themed books- “Aussie Jingle Bells” by Colin Buchanan and Nick Bland and “Santa’s Aussie Holiday” by Maria Farrer and Anna Walker. “Santa’s Aussie Holiday” is great- Santa travels throughout Australia, visiting different parts and seeing different landmarks. “Aussie Jingle Bells” is a variation on our traditional jingle bells song about a summer’s day in Oz. Tom loves these books but particularly “Santa’s Aussie Holiday” we actually read them all the year round!

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“One snowy night” by Nick Butterworth is part of the Percy the park keeper series of books. This series of books are so sweet and heart-warming, this one is no exception. In this book it is a very cold day and Percy share his lunch with the animals in the park. At night the snow starts to fall and the animals visit Percy in hope of some warmth and shelter! I always enjoy reading this book to children, great bedtime story for a winter’s night!

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As I have mentioned before Tom really enjoys non-fiction books and his favourite animal is a penguin so I decided to buy him “Penguin” by Emily Bone. This book is part of the “Usbourne beginners” non-fictions book series, we have a few in this series and I think they are great. They seem to have a good balance of being simple but full of information and in time Tom will be able to read them himself. “Penguin” covers topics such as where they live, swimming, keeping warm and enemies. Highly recommend this series of books, Tom loves the train one too!

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“Very snowy Christmas” by Diana Hendry and Jane Chapman is a sweet story all about Little mouse and his first experience of snow! Little mouse goes searching for holly, but it begins to snow! Is the sky coming undone? Are there invisible monsters? Luckily Big mouse is there to explain all! Lovely sweet story for a wintery bedtime!

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“The snow dragon” by Vivian French is a longer picture book which we read over a few nights. The story is about a time when the fire dragons have taken over the land. A “twoleg” finds “book” and together they go to find the last remaining Snow dragon, in hope that they may save the land. It has a classic storyline of good triumphing over evil. This a great story for the older listener!


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Happy festive reading! xx

P.S Click here for part one of the Christmas book share posts.


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