Christmas books part 1

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This year I have put together an advent book basket for Tom. I will share the books with you! So here is part 1!

I spotted “Father Christmas needs a wee!” by Nicholas Allan on the shelf at Waterstone and thought that looks like the type of book that Tom would enjoy and it really didn’t disappoint! It is wonderful number book that tells the story of Father Christmas’s journey- eating all the food and drink the children leave for him on Christmas Eve, but he forgets something very important and he really needs a wee! A story that will make you smile throughout, a great read!

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“The Gruffalo’s Child” by Julia Donaldson, I guess needs little introduction as it is the follow up story to “The Gruffalo”! The character of the Gruffalo is so popular and we love it in our house! “The Gruffalo’s child” is set in snow which gives a wintery feel. We also in enjoy the animated version and have watched it a lot! The story isn’t as good as “The Gruffalo” but still a good read!

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Tom loves non-fiction books, he is so interested in the world around him! I already had this book from my teaching days “Winter” by Tanya Thayer. It is a very simple books with a fact on each page e.g. “People have warm coats”. It is good introduction to the season of winter for younger readers. I think it is really good to have non-fiction books at home, but I wouldn’t rush out and buy this one particularly, maybe a general seasons information book maybe better.

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Refuge by Anne Booth, what a beautiful book, full of hope! It is the traditional Christmas story but it emphasises the journey that Mary and Joseph went on particularly just after Jesus’ birth to find safety… …refuge………. which just couldn’t be more relevant! Five pounds from the sale of this book goes direct to War child…………. War child do amazing work! Do you need any other reason to buy this book!?!

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“Winnie the Pooh – Pooh’s Snowy Day” – which of course needs no introductions! Classic characters, classics stories, enjoyed from generation to generation! This story is about friendship and about how sometimes when we try and help it can go a little wrong! As with all Winnie the Pooh stories, it contains gentle humour and a sweet ending! Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh!??!

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What is your favourite Christmas picture book? xxx


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