Snowy Christmas trees!

With the start of advent, our arts and crafts have turned festive. We have been making these snowy Christmas trees inspired by Meri Cherry.

 2015-12-02 11.05.00.jpg


Paper (watercolour paper available in Tiger), Watercolours (we used liquid but could use watercolour blocks), masking tape, sponge (or paint brushes), mini pompoms (or other decorations), glue, salt.

First I prepared the paper with masking tape stuck into a tree shape. The children then used a sponge to apply blue and white liquid watercolours over the whole piece of paper

2015-12-01 15.46.54

The children then sprinkled salt over the paint (this makes a really cool effect on the paint!).

2015-12-01 15.56.42

When the paint was dry, I peeled of the tape. The children then glued little pompoms onto their tree!

2015-12-02 07.54.43

Happy making everyone! xxx


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