Updated:5 Thanksgiving crafts ideas!

thanksgiving 5.jpg

Though we are not from the US, this week we have been thinking lots about Thanksgiving, for two reasons: firstly since starting childminding I have always had at least one child that has a parent from the states so I think it is importantly to celebrate their culture and share it with the other children. The second reason is because I think it is wonderful to highlight being thankful for what we have, and remembering how blessed we are!

Here are three crafts we have done for thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving turkey picture

2015-11-25 10.00.35

Need: pasta or beads, card, paint, paper, glue, pencil or hole punch, pipe cleaner, natural resources e.g. pine cone, stick, leaves etc.

First we handprinted onto a piece of paper- the centre and thumb brown, then fingers different colours. While that is drying, we put holes in the top of the card (our card was thick so we pushed a pencil through to create holes), then we decorated the card – we printed onto the card with a variety of natural autumn bits. Next we threaded beads and pasta onto a pipe cleaner, then attach to the through the holes in cardboard to create a handle. Finally glue the turkey picture onto the card, draw on turkey’s eye, beak and feet. Now is it ready to hang up!

2015-11-23 17.55.15

2015-11-24 15.10.19.jpg

Gratitude boxes (for full information go to Meri Cherry blog!) I did this with 18 months year olds upwards, they all loved it!

2015-11-22 12.47.51

We wrote little messages on the back saying thank you!

Salt dough hearts

We decided to make little hearts to give to all the people we want to say thank you to! We made the salt dough (recipe here) but added in colour too, this could be done with food colouring or liquid water colour. We made two colours and mixed them when rolling them out and cutting the hearts. When the hearts were hard, we painted them with PVA glue. Finally they gave them out as a thank you gift!

2015-11-26 08.39.15-1

Paper plate turkey

This is a great one for young children – experimenting with mark making, mixing colours and textures.

Need: Paper plate, paint (red and yellow), fork, feathers, card circle, pens or stickers to make face, double sided tape or stapler.

2016-11-17 13.29.30 (2).jpg

I put red and yellow paint on a plate. I invited the children to make marks over the paper plate using the fork. When they were happy with their plate, I encouraged them to put feathers on top (the paint will stick the feathers to the plate). They then made the face by sticking on eyes and a beak but this could have just been drawn. When the paint was dry I attached the face to the plate. I think they make very cute turkey’s!

Thanksgiving bunting

Need: Paper cut into flag shapes with holes punch into the top. Pens and/or paint to decorate, string.

We talked a lot about all the things we are grateful for then they chooses a few to draw on their bunting flags. We did this by drawing with a black sharpie then watercolour painting over the top. Finally we threaded the flags on string and hang it up.

2016-11-22 10.26.21 (2).jpg

2016-11-17 12.54.47 (2).jpg

Happy thanksgiving friends! xxx

P.S For autumn crafts ideas click here and fireworks ideas click here xxx

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