Thoughtful living- 12 things I want to do before I become 40!

before 40

Birthdays often leave me thoughtful- another year gone! Lots of friends and family are turning 40 this year. I have decided to think of some things I would really like to go before I am 40! Here is my list!

  1. Go glamping  We had a great time staying in a wooden pod in West Wittering- we are total glamping converts now!
  2. Learn to take better photos
  3. Have afternoon tea at BB Bakery – I had tea and macaroons so far……… perfect!
  4. Have brunch at Duck and Waffle Wonderful experience, yummy food with amazing views. Really relaxed setting to have an amazing brunch.
  5. Go to an outside cinema
  6. Stay somewhere overlooking the sea
  7. Go on the street art London walking tour
  8. Bake a gingerbread house
  9. Eat in a converted toilet
  10. Go to a festival
  11. Go to the Electric cinema in Notting Hill We recently watched Wonderwomen at the Electric, I really loved the cinema!
  12. Take part in #30dayswild  Done! Check out my blog post.

Do you have any other ideas for me? I will let you know how I get on! xxx

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