We are the dinosaurs!!!

Children just love dinosaurs! So dinosaur picture books are so popular, here are three of my favourites!


One of my favourites is “Tyrannosaurus drip” by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts. With that fantastic rhyming verse that we know and love from Julia Donaldson the story tells us about a duckbill dinosaur who finds himself hatched into a family of mean and grisly Tyrannosauruses. Tyrannosauruses love to eat meat and particularly duckbill dinosaurs and so are very displeased when their baby is a duckbill and would rather eat veg. The Tyrannosauruses tease baby duckbill and name him “Tyrannosaurus drip”, this leaves him feeling very sad! So he runs to the river where he finds a herd of duckbill dinosaurs, where they help him realise he is not a tyrannosaurus but in fact a duckbill! At the end we see the down fall of the mean tyrannosauruses and a wonderful happy ever after ending to the story!


“Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs” by Ian Whybrow is popular series of dinosaur books. These books are about a young boy called Harry, he has a bucket of dinosaurs, who come to life and go on everyday adventures with him. The stories often take on small worries children may have and reading about how Harry deals with them positively can be very helpful to children.


All the children I look after also love the cleverly combine pirate and dinsaour books “Captain Flinn and the pirate dinosaurs “ by Giles Andreae, click for my book share.

We often have a dinosaurs themed small world area which is just so simple but well-loved! I put sand in the bottom of the tray along with other natural bits and bobs e.g. stones, sticks, pinecones. Then I just add the dinosaurs, ready for lots of loud fun!

2015-11-16 08.10.06

The Natural history museum is wonderful place to visit for lots of Dinosaur fun! Also going for a dinosaur hunt at Crystal palace is fab too…. and both these days out are free!

2015-08-18 11.36.10

Here are three of our favourite dinosaur crafts!

Salt dough dinosaur print!

Need: Salt dough and toy dinosaurs.

Click here for the recipe for salt dough then simply choose a dinosaur to print with, you can either do the whole body or just footprints!

2015-07-13 18.23.02

Dinosaur fingerprinting

Need: paper, paint or ink pads, pen.

Firstly we looked at dinosaur books and toy dinosaurs and then I encouraged the children to print their fingers in the shape of different dinosaurs. Then with a pen they added the dinosaur arms, legs, horns, eyes, mouth, teeth…!

Water colour dinosaur silhouette

Need: Paper, watercolours, paintbrush, black paper, pencil and scissors.

The children firstly painted a sheet of paper for the background. Then they drew a dinosaur/s on black paper and cut it out. Finally when the paint was dry, the dinosaur was stuck on top!

Check out my pinterest dinosaur board for more ideas!

Enjoy xxx


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