Updated: 10 super simple creative firework ideas for children!

I love fireworks, they bring such fab memories from when I was a child, every time I see a firework I can’t help but smile!

fireworks Image.jpg

Here are 10 super easy ways of doing fireworks art with young children.

  • First idea is the messiest- splatter art onto black paper. I recommend doing this outside, invite children to dip their paintbrush into paint and splatter! Children love it! 2016-11-03 08.37.16.jpg
  • Fireworks picture with a toilet roll, straws and pipe cleaner!

    To prepare: cut slits into the cardboard tube part way up the tube, wrap masking around four bending straws and twist together 4-6 pipe cleaners leaving the ends folded out. Then they are ready to dip in the paint!

  • Painting with a fork to create fireworks, so simple instead of a paintbrush children paint with a fork!                               2015-11-02 13.22.05
  • Chalk pens (or normal chalk) look fab on black paper, I invited children to draw fireworks on the paper!  2016-11-03-08-35-49
  • Marble roll painting is so popular with all the children. Place a piece of black paper into a tray or shallow box, then drop marbles into different colours of paint then spoon the marbles into the tray and then…….. roll the marbles and shake the tray and watch the results!

  • Similar to number three but instead of a fork use a kitchen cleaning brush to paint with!           2015-11-02 15.44.33
  • Fireworks in the city- click here to find out more.2016-11-01-08-29-152016-11-01-08-29-52
  • Scratch art fireworks picture- to find out more about this method click here. 2016-11-08-14-23-50

For more firework ideas check out our Pinterest folder and for more autumn ideas click here!

I wish you a happy safe fireworks night! xxx


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6 Responses to Updated: 10 super simple creative firework ideas for children!

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  2. Lucy H says:

    My girls had lots of fun creating firework paintings with marbles and paint this weekend. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lovemetoo says:

      So pleased they have been having so much creative fun! The marble painting is such a favourite in this house! You are such a fab Mummy! xx


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