Updated: 18 + creative autumn ideas for children!


We love embracing the changing of the seasons and Autumn is definitely our favourite …….the colours… the crunching of leaves….the jumpers, boots and scarves…. fireworks….. the looking ahead to Christmas……….! The thing I love about arts and crafts with children in autumn is that they often involve using nature!

autumn post.jpg

Here are some of creative autumn fun we have been having!

  1. Decorating autumn leaves!  The children really loved doing these and each child did lots! We used Chalk pens which looked very cool. 2015-10-20 14.34.55We have also painted leaves and added stickers to make them into leaf characters! 2016-09-29-09-01-07
  2. Autumn lantern or basket Super simple non messy idea for all ages. All the details here
  3. Leaf sewing! I have seen the idea of threading onto cork a while ago and when I was in Tiger I saw cork boards in the shape of a leaf so I bought them along with some autumn coloured wool. I used the biggest needle I had and the children threaded colours over the leaf. This is an activity which needs support but so good for developing their fine motor skills.               2015-10-21 16.01.57
  4. Leaf rubbing! This is an oldie but a goodie, the children still always seem amazed at the result! Simply place an autumn leaf under paper and rub over the top with crayons.                              2017-10-07 10.08.49 (2).jpgWe also used watercolours to paint around the edge of the leaves.2016-10-18-12-41-43
  5. Autumn match boxdecorate an autumn box and take it outside to collect autumn treasures! 2016-10-27-17-03-48
  6. Printing the shape of leaves! Once you have a collection of leaves, it is lovely to look and compare the different shapes and sizes. To keep a record of the leaves, place a leaf on the paper and paint around the edge. 2015-10-31 15.23.17
  7. Autumn art work Find out more here 2016-10-05-08-29-23
  8. Autumn hat! Click here for more details.
  9. Autumn collage! Tom decided to do this on his own, he selected autumn bits to make his own little autumn scene.                    2015-10-31 15.20.06After reading Leaf man by Lois Ehlert we were inspired to make leaf pictures. For more information on this book click here.
  10. Leaf printing! Another oldie but a goodie, though normally I would have used autumn colours but a friend had used neon paints so I gave it a go and it does look pretty cool!       2017-10-17 14.25.10 (4).jpg
  11. Autumn canvas! We did this piece of art on a canvas, however it could have been done on card. I stuck on masking tape to look like branches, then with autumn colours the children finger printed over the canvas. When the paint was dry we peeled off the tape to reveal a beautiful piece of art!
  12. Stick family! Click here for more details.                           2015-11-01 12.19.00
  13. Autumn finger print artsuper simple but effective piece of art! 2016-10-27-16-38-01
  14. Shaving foam leaf printing! This is always a very popular activity, there is more details here on shaving foam printing. We used red and yellow ink and we printed onto leaf shapes.                                  2015-11-02 13.21.30
  15. Kitchen towel leaves! Each child has a piece of kitchen towel and a small pots of red and yellow liquid water colours (though can use food colouring). They then use a pipet to put the colour onto the tissue until the tissue is covered. Leave until dry (maybe overnight) then cut out leaf shapes. I advise doing this on a tray to contain the mess!
  16. Decorating a stick! More details here.    2015-10-18 15.36.26
  17. Autumn window art!  Stick autumn treasure onto double sided plastic, cover over the top with another piece of double sided plastic, trim around the edges and stick to the window.     2015-10-31 16.11.09
  18. Autumn leaf colouring – find out more here!
  19. Fruit and vegetable printing – click here to find out more.


Each week I set up a small world play area for the children I look after, over the last few weeks it has had an autumn theme. We firstly had lots of autumn treasures with little play woodland creatures in it. After that we made it into an autumn playground for the Sylvanian families to play in!


2015-11-02 14.57.56

We had an amazing time picking our own pumpkins and cook with them. Pumpkin recipes here!


Click here to find out about some of our favourite autumn picture books!


For firework creative ideas click here!

More autumn ideas in our Pinterest folder.

Happy autumn everyone! xxxx

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