Stick Man, Stick Man beware of the dog!!!


Stick Man by Julia Donaldson is firmly in my top ten children’s picture books! It is a wonderful story and as with all Julia Donaldson books it has that wonderful rhythm which is just a pleasure to read. Alex Scheffler’s illustrations are always wonderful and carry you through the story perfectly!

Stick Man is about a family of sticks who live in their family tree, one day Stick Man goes for a jog, however the dog thinks he is a stick to play with………… then some children think he is a perfect stick for playing Pooh-sticks……….. Gradually Stick Man is moved further from home and ends up being lonely and lost! Will anyone help him? Will he ever get home to his Stick Lady Love and his stick children? It has a wonderful festive ending to a wonderful story!


Last Christmas we were fortunate to go and see the stage version of “Stick Man”, it is so well done and even brought a tear to my eye! Tom loved it, he was totally in his element! Highly recommend!


Stick Man inspires us to get creative with sticks! Every time we go to a park or woods Tom brings home a stick so we have been trying to use them in our creative fun. Here are three we particularly enjoyed doing!

Stickman hat or crown!

Need: Sticks and any other Autumn treasures, long stripe of paper (double the size of child’s head), double sided tape (or glue), stapler.

I folded the stripe of paper in half and placed stripes of double sided tape on the top half, then the children placed sticks so they came above the paper. Once the child is happy with the sticks then fold over the stripe of paper therefore sandwiching the sticks between the paper. The children then decorated the top paper with Autumn treasures, once complete stapler to the correct size of the child’s head! Ready to wear!

stick crown


Stick family

Need: Sticks, washi tape, googly eyes, scrapes of ribbon or fabric, super glue or double sided tape.

We firstly added googly eyes to our different size sticks, we secured them with super glue but you could use double sided tape or PVA glue. Then the children simply decorate in whichever way they choose! Tom enjoyed wrapping different washi tape around each stick. He also choose a piece of ribbon so that each stick had a scarf too. Finally they are ready to play with!

2015-10-31 16.25.38

2015-11-01 12.19.00

Decorating a stick

Need: Stick, paint, wood, beads.

Firstly the children painted their stick. When it was dry, the children wrapped around different colour wool and threaded beads too. So simple and lots of fun!

2015-10-18 15.17.31

2015-10-18 15.36.26

Lot’s more stick and autumn ideas in our pinterest folder.

Happy stick fun!!! xxx


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