What has made me smile in October!??!!!

Wow another busy month! I love sitting down to write my end of the month post, my life is pretty normal and up and down like anyone else’s but I love looking back and thinking about all the great things that have happened! Here is my top ten smiles (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. I like never do this ….. but I had a weekend away with my fabulous friends! We book a stunning cottage in old town Margate. We booked through Airb&B, the cottage was beautiful -full of vintage finds, so well-equipped and a bargain! The weekend mainly involved lots of chatting, wine and food! We did experience a bit of Margate too– RG Scott vintage emporium, Turner gallery and the beautiful shops! I loved it! I really want to go back!                                                                                          2015-10-10 16.07.19
  2. A friend and I are organising a Christmas children’s art and craft workshop, so this month we did a trail run with some friends children, it went really well and we are excited about doing the real thing in December!
  3. I love to embrace the changing of the seasons, and Autumn has to be my favourite! The colours… the crunching of leaves….the jumpers, boots and scarves…. fireworks….. the looking ahead to Christmas……….LOVE it! This month though we choose not to celebrate Halloween we decided to go and pick some pumpkins then cook with them. It was so lovely for Tom to cook with food he had chosen at the farm, we made soup and pumpkin pie, both delicious! IMG_20151024_192743
  4. Leading on from number 3, it has been wonderful to do lots of walks in the park and woods. We have collected lots of autumn finds and then used to play with and create with!                                                   IMG_20151023_083403
  5. I love the area I live in and I feel blessed to be here! It is lovely when new places open in the area and great to support them! We went to Arlo and Moe the new café which was lovely, had a lovely relaxed feel about it! A new shop has opened too Crimson and Clover it is a gift shop with vintage bits and bobs, I loved it and had to control myself, because I could of spend a lot of money in there!!!
  6. My friend recently turned 40, so a friend and I organised for us to go up to the Skygarden! It was amazing, such a beautiful place inside and amazing views across London outside! Not forgetting the cocktails were so delicious, mine came with candy floss on top, so yummy! It is so fab that it is free to go up, I plan to take Tom up early next year!                  2015-10-02 18.54.37
  7. Sister time! I meet my sister for lunch and window shopping! We went to the King’s road, oh how the other half live!
  8. Half term has been great fun! I took the kids to the Cutty Sak which was great. I unexpectedly had 3 days off at the end of the week so it was lovely to catch up with my sister with my nieces and to see wonderful friends too! During half term I decided to take a break from my blog and social media, it felt good to do but I am keen to get back to blogging and Instagram!
  9. My new scarf! I love it…. a bit of a luxury but worth it!!! It is so soft and warm! 2015-11-01 20.00.05
  10. We are having a damp course on the flat so we have done lots of sorting and de cluttering in the flat this month, feels so good to get rid of junk!

P.S I forgot I went to the cinema with a v special friend, we saw the Suffragette and then had cheese and red wine, though the film was hard hitting, yet amazing, it was a lovely evening full of smiles!

Look ahead to November…………….

  • I love fireworks! I can’t wait to do our annual trip up to Blackheath to fireworks! We have promised Tom sparklers too for the first time!
  • We are having a weekend down in the “countryside” to see my brother and wonderful family!
  • Am I allowed to say the “C” word……….. I do start buying gifts early to spread the cost so I look forward to some more gift buying! Also preparing something lovely for advent! I do love Christmas!

Thanks for reading, hope you had a great October and that November brings a lots of fun! xxx

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