Thoughtful living- homemade children’s parties!

2015-09-17 19.19.03

Wow Tom is 5! So as I have mentioned before I love to plan and organise, so planning Tom’s birthday’s, start early and included making many lists! Tom has started going to various children’s party, they have all been great and he has just loved them all. All parties are so different, recently we went to our first soft play party which we were really impressed by so well organised (I am not normally a soft play fan!). When we go to parties – soft play or a magician or an entertainer, I always feel quite tempted by them, so little for us the parents to do. However when I enquire about the cost I just cannot justify the cost especially when they are so young and they are happy as long as they get a party bag when they leave!


When Tom was turning four, I actually felt for the first time he had a group of friends to do a proper little tea party at home. I decided to choose one of Tom favourite things “Trains” as a theme. We played traditional games pass the parcel, musical statues and pin the driver on the train. We also did a train ticket hunt in the garden, which they then used to board the slide! I decorated the table with train line tape and added tags on trains as place setting. I kept food simple a lunch bag each- containing sandwiches, crisps, etc. The party bags contained homemade playdough and a train playdough cutter as long with some sweet treats!

2015-09-20 09.38.06

2015-09-20 09.55.34

This year we went for a picnic in the park as we felt there was a real mixture of school friends and friends that I childmind as well as a really wide age group so this hopefully was the answer to cater for all! We had amazing weather, an amazing September sunny day! We literally just took some sporty bits for the children to play with, food and party gifts. We kept food simple again – each having a lunch bag with a roll, crisps, biscuit, drink, yoghurt and yo-yo fruit bar. For the adults we just did scones with clotted cream, jam and strawberries. For party bags, I managed to get jelly moulds and wooden spoons very cheaply, added a packet of jelly- wrapped it up and tied it up with lolly pop!

2015-09-16 21.11.052015-09-17 07.34.53

We also had a family picnic the following day which I did exactly the same food bags. For the party bag- I did a similar idea to the jelly, I managed to get milkshake/ice-cream cups, long ice-cream spoons, funky straws and sprinkles all from the pound shop, which again I wrapped and tied with a lolly pop!

2015-09-19 19.16.19

Birthday celebrations are fun to organise but also good to have over and done with… until next year! xxx


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  1. Beautiful. I love homemade parties 🙂

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