“The way back home” by Oliver Jeffers

As you probably have realised we are big Oliver Jeffers fans in this house, we have a lot of his books and they are read over and over again! We have been reading “The way back home” a lot recently, it has inspired us to get spacey!


The book is about a boy who finds a plane in his cupboard (as you do!). He takes it out for a fly, unfortunately it runs out of petrol and he ends up stuck on the moon afraid and alone. Someone else in space is having trouble too, a Martian also crash lands on the moon because his ships engine has broken down. Pleased that they were no longer alone, they try to think of ideas to help each other. Finally they come up with an idea which gets them both back home!


“The way back home” is a wonderful story which generates lots of discussion on feelings, friendship and helping one another. Oliver Jeffers illustrations as always are just perfect, I love the ways he draws the characters and the expressions on their faces. I highly recommend this book!

“The way back home” has inspired us to get creative, here are just a few of things we have done.


2015-10-14 13.52.33

Walkie-talkies are a fun thing we make over and over again, I think they can be made with as much or as little effect as you want and still children love playing with them.

This is one way to make a walkie-talkie!

Need: Box, lids, stickers, straw, glue.

Firstly I unfolded the box and stuck it back together inside out! We added a straw to the top. Then the children added bottle lids, stickers and foil for the features of the walkie- talkie!

2015-09-26 17.36.00

2015-09-26 17.40.11

2015-09-26 17.40.43

Here is another one Tom made!


Space ship

Need: 2 disposable plates, clear plastic disposable cup, paint, scissors, stapler, pens, decorations e.g. stickers or jewels.

2015-10-09 16.53.58

Firstly we painted the paper plates sliver, when they were dry I cut a hole in one of the plates the right size for the cup to fit through except for the rim. Next the children decorated the plates with pens and stickers. They drew and cut out an alien and attached it to the side of the cup. I then stapled around the edge.

2015-10-09 08.13.08

2015-10-09 16.43.52

2015-10-09 16.45.34

2015-10-09 16.48.42

Night sky picture

Need: card, paint, star shape to print with e.g. biscuit cutter, paint brushes, body polisher or sponge to use for printing over paint (optional).

A picture of the night sky can of course be done in many ways! We started by painting the card blue and added different shades by printing with a body polisher sponge on top. When the paint was dry we printed yellow stars on top and finally sprinkled glitter!

 2015-09-22 11.37.49

2015-09-22 11.40.33

2015-10-06 14.17.51

If you like Oliver Jeffers take a look at our previous posts about “The incredible book eating boy” and “The day the crayons quit”.

We also have a Pinterest board with more space ideas! xxx



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