Reading with children as they get older!

Our house is full of picture books and we are certainly not ready to move on from them, however I am very aware that Tom is getting older and I want to make sure I continue supporting his love of books and reading. I am very conscience of the next step of reading for two reasons, firstly because as a child I struggled reading and never read those classic books that other children did, I feel I didn’t have a love of reading as a child and I missed out. Secondly, as a teacher I taught early years so as a teacher I developed a good knowledge of picture books but not the next step in children’s books. These two reasons have led me to feel excited about Tom’s next step in reading!!!


When we were in a charity shop recently we looked at the simple chapter books, we bought a couple of “Horrid Henry” as I felt familiar with the author. Tom really enjoyed being read a chapter at a time and being able to use a book mark! Just before Tom was born I bought a Roald Dahl collection and they have been sitting on the shelf in Tom’s bedroom since then, as we have watched “Charlie and the chocolate factory” the film, I thought it might be a good longer chapter book to start with. Tom really enjoyed it and I look forward to sharing another of Roald Dahl books together soon.


We are so blessed to live in a time where there is such a wealth of quality children’s books, so many classic books I would like to share with him as well as exploring newer authors. I want to support Tom at his own pace and interest, generally at the moment at bedtime we read a picture book and chapter of a longer book both that he has chosen- this seems a good balance for us at the moment.

Which books do you recommend I read with Tom? What is your favourite chapter book? xx


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