Aaaarrgghh spider!!!


All spiders just want to belong………… and want to be a pet! “Aaaarrgghh spider!” by Lydia Monks is a great story of how a spider goes to great lengths to become a pet, and dare you actually let a spider become your pet what may happen! I particularly love reading this book to a child for the first time as it promotes lots of discussion and surprise!

Children love this book for many reasons, the repeated text makes it fun for them to join in with, it makes them laugh and of course children love a bit of glitter!


Aaaarrgghh spider! always inspires us to get creative, here are some of our favourites!

Salt painting spiders web

Need: card or thick paper, glue, salt, liquid watercolours or food colouring, paint brush or pipet.

First we drew a web using the glue, then we sprinkled the salt over the top. Finally we carefully put the colour onto the web and watch the amazing effects!


 2015-08-23 10.36.08

Paper plate web

Need: Paper plate, scissors, hole punch, wool/thread/plastic thread.

Firstly I prepared the paper plates by cutting out the centre and punching out holes around the edge. The children then thread their string through the holes to form a web.

2015-09-14 16.06.13 2015-09-16 16.34.05


Candle and water colour paint

Need: Paper, candle, watercolours (blocks or liquid), black pen, sponge or brushes to apply colour.

2015-10-05 14.29.57

Firstly the children drew a web on their paper using a candle. Then they painted over the top of the web with the watercolours. Finally when the paper was dry, the children drew on a spider.

spiderr candle

2015-10-05 14.29.22

I hope these inspire you! I have put a folder in our pinterest of even more ideas!

Happy reading! Xxx

P.S. Salt spiders web and candle water colour web are both inspired by the amazing artful parent.


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