“The huge bag of worries”


“The huge bag of worries” by Virginia Ironside is a book I heard about when I was teaching but never actually read. When I was talking to someone recently about their daughter who worries a lot, I thought of this book and decided to buy it and see if it would be appropriate to give to her.

The book is about a girl named Jenny who begins to worry about almost everything, which leads her to have a ‘huge bag of worries’. The bag follows her everywhere and grows bigger and bigger each day. Until one day an old lady see how upset she is and helps her deal with each worry inside the bag!

“The huge bag of worries” is a clever well written book that deals with the issue of worries particularly focusing on putting our worries into perspective. I think this is a good book for all children but particularly if you do know a child who struggle in this area, this book could be a useful tool to support them.



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