What has made me smile in September!??!!

Can you believe it is the last Friday in September and it is officially Autumn! Sorry I have been a little quite this month so busy with Tom’s birthday celebrations! Here is a monthly round of things that have made me smile in September! Here is my top ten (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. Tom’s birthday was a lot of fun, he was so happy! We had two picnics one with his friends and one with family. I really enjoy all the preparations- choosing presents, organising the food and making party bags. For both the picnics we had such amazing weather! So much fun!                                                                                      tom birthday
  2. The children I look after really make me smile, it is a privilege to look after such wonderful children!
  3. It made me smile to discover Box hill, I highly recommend it, just stunning! There is play trail which Tom loved- den making, tree climbing, stick collecting all his favourite things!                                                                                  tree
  4. Very kindly a friend offered to babysit for Mr Lee and I to go out, we decided to go to “Sticks n Sushi” in Greenwich. The food was so good, I keep thinking about it!
  5. The return of Downton Abby (though not smiling that it is the last series!).
  6. This month I invested in a raincoat, I have always just used my winter coat so with all the rain…. I was definitely smiling in my raincoat!!!
  7. Tom and I spend an afternoon gardening, we planted a herb garden and bulbs ready for spring. Tom loved doing it and got very muddy! herb garden
  8. Tom started Reception it has made me smile to see how quickly he has settled into it and how much he loves it! (I do miss him though).
  9. If you read my post about Slow living one of the things I said we were going to try was once a month to have a weekend we don’t plan for. So this month our non-planned for weekend consisted on staying in our pj’s until mid-day and having a trip to Greenwich…… just so lovely to take it easy particularly in the mornings when we normally seem to be rushing around!
  10. Reading Charlie and the chocolate factory with Tom, so lovely to share a chapter a night together!

Look ahead to October…………….

  • I am very exciting that I have a weekend away with some very special friends in Margate, can’t wait!!!!
  • Looking forward to celebrating a friends 40th birthday, with a cocktail or two!
  • Looking forward to embracing autumn, love watching the changing of the seasons.

Thanks for reading, hope you had a great September and that October brings a lots of fun! xxx

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