Mr Tiger goes wild!

mr tiger wild

“Mr Tiger goes wild” by Peter Brown is a fantastic picture book. It is about a Mr Tiger who lives in a very “proper” place where everyone is polite, sensible and serious but Mr Tiger wants to loosen up, have fun and be ….. wild! One day he has an idea… which leads him to get wilder and wilder each day, but the other animals think something needs to be done. So they suggest he goes to the wilderness, when Mr Tiger returns to the city he notices some surprising changes!


The illustrations in the book are beautiful, the contract between the city and wilderness is vivid! It is a great book to start discussions on accepting different people, different behaviours and feelings and very importantly self-worth, how great it is to be ourselves! Highly recommended!

“Mr Tiger goes wild” has inspired us to get creative!

Tiger print shaving foam printing

2015-08-23 10.36.35

Need: Tray, shaving foam, liquid watercolours/ food colouring, paper.

Firstly we put shaving foam into a tray, then added a small amounts of the liquid water colours. We then had fun playing with the colours, we used a fork to create stripes! We then gently placed a piece of paper on top, pressed it very carefully then took the paper off to look at their wonderful print!

Also this is great just to put their hands in and get messy too!mr tiger

Tiger mask

Need: Paper plate, crayons, glue, orange and black paper.

I cut out the centre of the paper plate, then the children coloured it using crayons. We then turned the plate over and added orange and black rectangles alternatively around the edge. Finally we added the features – teeth, eyes and nose, then they are ready to roar!

2015-08-20 13.59.10 2015-08-20 14.02.42

2015-09-13 18.32.59

Newspaper city picture

Need: Paper, Newspaper, watercolours.

First I prepared a skyline out of newspaper for the younger ones and the older ones cut out their own- we stuck them onto a piece of paper. Then the children got to work with the water colours making it a place they might want to live*!

*I did this with 4 children, 2 children added blue sky, grass, people and rainbows, 1 children made the picture into the fire of London and 1 children made it into a city where a bomb had gone off!!! But they all got creative and had a good time!!!

2015-09-01 15.14.29

2015-09-01 14.55.51

2015-09-01 15.15.22

Also at the wonderful Half moon theatre, they showing a musical production of the “Mr Tiger goes wild” tickets are only £6 each, I have booked for Tom and Mr Lee to see it together!

Happy reading and creating! xxx


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