Thoughtful living-Who do you admire?

2015-08-18 11.36.10

I bumped into an old friend and work colleague today in the supermarket, she told me she was going to be working part time because she has a dream to go to art school and to write a book! Another friend was telling me about her friend who has been at the same place of work since qualifying, goes on the same holiday every year, drinks in the same pub but this year has decided to take a sabbatical and see the world! I have another old colleague who started teaching in London then followed his dream to teach abroad firstly in Spain now moving to Brazil to teach! I am in total admiration for these people, so inspiring and I am so happy for them!

However it made me think how much I equally admire the people that have gone into their career and carried on doing it with drive and enthusiasm year after year in the same job, wow! But finally I started to think of the people who will do any work so they provide for their family, not matter what….the people who know that money will be tight but choose for Mum or Dad to stay home for the kids because they believe it is best for the kids, the people who took a risk it didn’t work but they picked themselves up and start over…..

I truly admire all these people, they are all in different seasons in their life…. Hopefully I will too, know the time to be career driven…. the time when I put my family first…. when I can a step out and try a new adventure! Maybe as I look back I have done a bit of this already……….. xxxx

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