Biscuit bear by Mini Grey

51H3ZRMZG1L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_“Biscuit bear” by Mini Grey is another one of my long time favourite picture books. The story is about a biscuit bear who was made by a boy called Horace. He doesn’t get time to eat his biscuit before bedtime so he leaves it next to his pillow while he sleeps. During the night the biscuit bear comes to life and decides to make some friends and they have amazing fun together until something  comes along to spoil it and the biscuit bear soon realises he needs to find safety!


I love reading this book to children especially when they haven’t heard it before. It is good to stop at various points through the story to see what the children think will happen next. After reading the book we always feel the need to make biscuits and we always go all out on the decorations!

I really like the author Mini Grey, she has written some of my favourite picture books including “Traction man” and “Egg drop”. Her illustrations are always have so much going on in them, children love to take the time to look at each page.

Highly recommended! xx


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