Slow living……………..

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During August I have read a lot about slow living and it really resonated with me, I feel that I and us as a family are always rushing about……… work is so busy…. being a Mummy to a busy boy is busy…. so much to do at the weekend… people to see…. places to go…. things to organise…..stuff in the our flat that needs to be sorted, mended or redoing………… busy….. unending!! Many of these things I wouldn’t want to change, I am a planner, I am a list writer, I love to organise! I love spending time with my favourite people and getting out and about….

So why does this idea of slow living resonate with me so much, is it that fear that life goes by so quickly that I forget to enjoy the here and now because I am always planning ahead? Or is it that fear that I find it very hard JUST to sit and relax in the moment?

What does slow living actually mean? I guess it means different things to different people but I think for me it is making sure I enjoy the here and now, recognising all the blessings there are everyday! It doesn’t mean being idle, but using time wisely and focusing on the things that matter and the things we love and enjoy.


Can I bring slow living into my everyday busy life………..? Here are some ideas I have come up with:

  • I love writing my end of the month post about things that have made me smile in that month, it really makes me review the month and remember the special moments. Also sometimes just before I go to sleep I list three things that have made me smile that day, I enjoy this because they tend to be the small things! It really reminds me how blessed I am!
  • Doing things I love! As you have previously read I have been making time for cooking and reading, things that I really love to do!
  • Spend time with the people I love! Once a month have a weekend that we don’t plan for, just spend time being us- a family……. Plan more evenings out with Mr Lee……… Make sure I organise to see friends often!
  • Take a bath once a week………… drink a cup of tea in bed once a week………….
  • Enjoy the world around us……….. make a herb garden……….. go to the woods……….. go to the seaside……… keep trying to make my garden somewhere I want to spend time.
  • Make sure I take time to sit and play with Tom when it is just me and him, without distraction.
  • Remember how much I/We have……….. we are truly blessed!

Well I am going to give it go, I will let you know how I get on! If you have any thoughts I love to hear them xxx

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