What has made me smile in August??!!

Well, that was August, I know I say this every month but wow busy month! Here is a monthly round up of things that have made me smile in August! Here is my top ten (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. Lovely weekend with The Gray’s in Bratton…. Breakfast in the garden…. BBQ…. walk in the woods… and of course spending time with v special people!2015-08-09 14.57.35
  2. If you have been reading the blog this month, I have been talking about how I love cooking and reading and I have really enjoyed prioritise these this month and it has made me SMILE!
  3. A fab Mummy and Thomas day visiting the Brutalist playground at RIBA….. heading to Camden to go to Cereal killers…. then meeting Mr Lee for a late picnic!IMG_20150731_150043 IMG_20150731_173403
  4. Tom of course really makes me smile! His enthusiasm for life is wonderful and inspiring. Granny and Grandad took us to Brighton Sea life centre and Tom walked around declaring “It s the best day ever” “Awesome” “Isn’t it amazing Mummy?!” Smile, smile, smile!!!
  5. Watching Tom and his friend run in the fountains at Somerset house, they had SO much fun!                                                   IMG_20150822_132528
  6. The return of Great British bake off and watching it with a wonderful friend with wine!
  7. A decision that life is so hectic to take a weekend out to slow down, our weekend included a family sleepover in the lounge, watching “Big Hero 6” together while eating popcorn, staying in our PJ’s until mid-day and visiting Model market! our weekend
  8. A wonderful PJ day with Tom, we watched “Charlie and the chocolate factory”!
  9. A couple of visits to Arts shed which is an arts workshop led by artists. The children really enjoyed the art and it was lovely to gain new ideas to do with children. The arts shed is based in a beautiful community garden and it was lovely how they incorporated using the garden into the art too. Also the café next to it is fab!                                                  IMG_20150821_194432
  10. Number ten is always a cheat because there are always too many smiles! So here goes…. a fews days at my parents… a meal with friends…. a day with my Sis and her kids…. spending lots of time at Blackheath beach eating salted caramel brownie while kids play in the sand…. theatre trip and hanging out with lovely people… catching up with friends…. and too many day trips to mention!

Look ahead to September…………….

  • Tom starting school!!!! Wow, mixed feeling still on this………….
  • Tom’s birthday, lots of fun and excitement but I am so disorganised, really got to get planning!

Thanks for reading, hope you had a great August and that September brings a lots of fun! xxxx

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