“Chicken clicking” a picture book about internet safety.


I noticed “Chicken clicking” by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross in the library and picked it up for a read. Internet safety for kids is a topic I worry about particularly for the future. At the moment Tom doesn’t actually use computers or tablet at home, but I know he will want to use them more particularly because he loves using them at school. I think this book is a really good easy introduction to internet safety. The story is about a Chick who goes onto the farmers computer….. he discovers the world of internet shopping, then arranges to meet a friend…. who is not quite what he had expected!

The book seems to have a feel of a traditional familiar story and is funny at the same time. It has a clever twist at the end which is meant to make children think and could be used as a discussion starter. I think this book could be used at home but I think for schools it could be a variable tool on this subject too.


I think this is a really good clever book on the subject of responsible internet use, highly recommended! xxx

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