Billy’s bucket!


We really love this book – Billy’s bucket by Kes Gray and Garry Parsons. This is one of those books Tom went through a period of wanting me to read it to him every night… so I know it very well! It is a story of a boy, Billy who is asked what he would like for his birthday, but he only wants a bucket! They go to “Buckets r us” (Hehe! Love that!) and he chooses the exact one he wants. Billy looks in his bucket and sees lots of different under the sea scenes, his parents do not believe that there are really things in the bucket…… until………. it has a great funny ending to the book!


We really enjoy this funny book, the illustrations by Garry Parsons are great and really add to the humour. When I was still teaching we used the structure of the book to make our own stories, getting the children to imagine what they could see in their own bucket.

Billy’s bucket does inspire us to get creative and there are so many under the sea arts and crafts activities, here are a few we have done.

Our buckets

Need: watercolour paper cut into a shape of a bucket, watercolours (we used liquid watercolours), black pen (we used sharpies).

2017-05-04 16.06.03.jpg

The children first painted the bucket with blue paint then added a bit of green and white over the top. When it was dried the children drew sea life using their black pen.

Crab handprints

Need: Paint and paper (Googly eyes optional)


Simply print two hands next to each other, when dry add googly eyes (but could just draw them on).

2015-07-22 16.29.58

Jelly fish

Need: paint, bubble wrap wrapped around a rolling pin, paper plate, glitter, tissue paper, paper, sticky tape.

jelly fish

We cut a paper plate in half and then printed onto half using paint on a bubble wrapped rolling pin. We did the same on a sheet of blue paper, also adding tissue paper squares and printing over them too. We sprinkled glitter over the top too. When all was dry they drew a face on the paper plate. We tore the paper into stripes and attached to the bottom of the plate.

 2015-07-30 16.19.52

Foil under the sea pictures

Need: Foil, cardboard, sticky tape, pens that write on foil (e.g. sharpies).

foil pic

I covered the cardboard with foil, attaching at the back with tape. Then invited the children to draw their under the sea picture on the foil using the sharpies.

2015-07-21 14.15.07

CD fish:

Need: CD, foam sheet, sticky tape, stickers, pens that write on CD (e.g. Sharpies).


I attached foam shapes on the CD for the tail, fin and lips. Then invited the children to decorate using stickers and pens.

2015-07-30 11.29.07

For more ideas check out our pinterest board.

Happy reading! Xxx


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