What has made me smile in July??!!!

July has been a busy month – end of term and start of the summer holidays! Here is a monthly round up of things that have made me smile in July! Here is my top ten (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. We had a fantastic holiday in Centerparcs! So lovely staying in the forest, lots of smiles! Read more here.
  2. While we were away our very talented friend and handy man put in some new shelves for us, using reclaimed scaffolding planks! They look fab, I have enjoyed starting to put bits and pieces on them. 2015-07-31 09.28.57
  3. Friday afternoon, Tom and I lying on the sofa watching Paddington again, precious moments!
  4. Summer holidays are here! Still got children to childmind but not the daily school runs and lots of fun days out! We have made a list of things we want to do this summer and we have already starting ticking them off!! 2015-07-15 15.00.55
  5. We have taken Tom for swimming lessons for quite a while now, but after our trip to Centerparcs he really seems to have got his confidence and is doing really well! Very proud!
  6. Three lots of flowers filling our home!               2015-07-15 09.04.25
  7. Watching Tom play in the new play area in the Transport museum, totally in his element! Smile!!!
  8. Taking three children to the Museum of childhood, listening to their excitement travelling on the train and tube, got to make you smile!
  9. In June I was smiling because my very special friend had adopted a little girl and this month I got to meet her! Big smile, what a beautiful little girl!
  10. I am going to cheat again…….. visiting the beach….. my mum’s roast dinner…. Great day out with the kids in Blackheath/Greenwich….. cuddles with my friends little 5 months baby boy…. Cupcake in Primrose bakery…. Drinks with friends…. Watching kids play at Blackheath beach while eating Salted caramel brownie….!!!

Look ahead to July…………….

  • Lot’s more adventures!
  • A few trips to visit family.

Thanks for reading, hope you had a great July and that August brings more sunshine and fun!


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