The trouble with dragons!

I’d heard of the author Debi Gliori for some time but hadn’t actually read one of her books when I saw “The trouble with Dragons” in the library I was keen to take the opportunity to read it! The story is about the dragons and how they make more and more dragons. This has a large effects on the environment e.g. Dragons blow out a lot of hot air and melt the ice which effects polar bears and even Father Christmas! In the end the world becomes a blink place for everyone including the dragons to live in, the dragons  are unhappy and want the animals to stay. At the end the animals advise the dragons on ways they can look after the planet and make it a better place for everyone!


This book is a fantastic discussion point on the effect we can all have on the environment, so many ideas if I was a teacher…………….! But even as a parent it is a great starting point to discuss what we as individuals and as families can do to play our part in looking after the world we live in, the book contains simple and easily applied tips such as walk more and eat food grown locally.


I really enjoyed this book and the message it was telling, I look forward to reading more by Debi Gliori.

As soon as I read the book I was drawn to how it was illustrated and it inspired us to get painting!

Silhouette/water colours art

Need: paper or card, watercolours with brush, black pen.

We firstly painted onto the card covering the paper. When it was dry, I drew a frame around the edge with black pen. Then the children drew a picture onto the card using the black pen. Tom chose to draw a under the sea picture!

2015-06-24 13.18.43

2015-06-24 13.24.40

Crayon and scratch art (I remember doing this when I was little!)

Need: Card, crayons, black paint, something to scratch paint off with e.g. tooth pick.

We did this on a small piece of card, firstly children block coloured using crayons ensuring all the card is covered. Then painted over it with black paint, when the paint was dry the children used a tooth pick to draw and reveal the colours below.

2015-05-18 14.12.27 2015-05-18 16.15.49 2015-05-20 13.59.33

Happy reading!

Here are a couple of other books that take on environmental issues!

Charlie and Lola: Look after your planet by Lauren Child

Michael Recycle by  Ellie Bethel and Alexandra Colombo


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