A fab read “Shh! We have a plan”

We love “Shh! We have a plan” by Chris Haughton, it make the kids laugh out loud every time! The book tells the story of a family creeping through the woods and trying to catch a beautiful bird…………. They have different plans to catch it which never quite go “to plan”! Children love the character of the youngest person especially when he shouts “Hello, birdy!” and is never allow to speak because they “have a plan”!


The book actually has few words but the illustrations carry you through the story. I would advise before you read the book to children, to read it to yourself first, so when reading it to them you can read certain parts quietly or loudly which adds greatly to their enjoyment of the book.


The illustrations are amazing, they are very simple- the characters have amazing expressions. I love the way the book is presented in different shades of blue except for the bird/s!

Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton.

This book inspired us to get creative!

Blue cotton bud painting

Need: paper or card (we used pale blue), paint in different shades of blue and cotton buds.

We mixed different shades of blue and then used cotton buds to paint freely with them!

2015-06-01 11.45.57

2015-06-02 13.11.55

Marble painting

Need: Paper or card, paint, a tray or box, marbles.

Put paper or card at the bottom of the tray or box, dip marbles in paint and drop the painty marble into tray/box and roll about, repeat with different colours!

2015-06-01 12.09.00

2015-06-02 13.11.50

Paper plate bird (this idea was taken from Happy Hooligans blog).

Need: paper plate, paint, feathers, pipe cleaner, paper and scissors.

Paint the paper plate and add feathers (the paint will glue the feathers to the plate). When dried fold plate in half, add paper eyes and a beak.

2015-05-26 16.09.00

2015-05-27 08.38.16

Hope this inspire you to get creative!

Happy making xx


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