A classic picture book! The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle

I have mmm and arrrhh-ed about whether to include the Very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle in my blog……… but it really has inspired us to get creative…… so here it is! I am not going to talk you through the story, it is truly a classic and Tom still enjoys it. The story has repeated language and a simple sequence which makes it lovely for young children. I do really recommend the very hungry caterpillar board game which is well made game that reinforces the story in sequence.


The very hungry caterpillar and Eric Carle’s specific style of art has definitely inspired us to get creative, here are some of our favourites!

Eric Carle inspired piece of art

Need: Piece of paper or card (we used a bit of card from a cardboard box), paint, tissue paper, items to print with (we used a duplo brick, a plactic cup, small lid and a fork).

First the children painted their cardboard making sure the whole card was covered in paint. Then I cut different shaped tissue paper for them to stick onto their painting (we used the wet paint as glue). Once the paint is all dried, they printed over the top with our different items.

2015-05-11 15.45.05 2015-05-11 12.39.03 2015-05-13 12.54.082015-05-13 12.55.09 2015-05-13 18.12.02

I did this with the very young children too (12-18months) they loved making marks with the paint brush and printing over the top.


When I make butterflies with children I generally do the paint on half a sheet of paper, fold then unfold and reveal a butterfly, similar to the dragon in the pervious post. So I decided to try a new way.

Need: Coffee filter paper, food colouring or liquid watercolours (I only had food colouring but I think liquid watercolours would work better), peg, pipe cleaner, pipet (though could use spoon or brush).

2015-06-22 13.41.08

I made the filter paper into a circle, then the children put small amounts of the food colouring onto the paper. We then allowed to dry and clipped at the centre with peg, wrapped around pipe cleaner and drew on eyes!2015-06-24 14.13.07

Very hungry caterpillar necklace

Need: Green pasta, beads, coloured card for face, glue, string, hole punch.

2015-06-24 18.40.05

The children threaded the pasta and beads alternatively onto the string. We made the face using coloured card, sticking on eyes, mouth and antennae’s finally hole punched so it could be added to the string. Tie the string together and then it is ready to wear! 2015-06-24 18.43.16I have had very hit and miss luck with dying pasta, some food colouring seems to work really well, others does not. This time I used paint with a tiny bit of PVA glue. Here is good guide to dying pasta.

I hope these inspire you! I have put a folder in our pinterest of even more ideas!

Happy making! xxx


5 thoughts on “A classic picture book! The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle

  1. Very Hungry Caterpillar…a definite classic! Loving the Art 🙂
    I have a question for you. Munashe, nearly 5 is beginning to show an interest in learning to read. Do you have any suggestions of fun learning to read books that actually have a story. Apart from the Dr Seuss books the other learning to read books I have seen are really dull!!


    1. Can you believe Munashe is starting school???!!!! So great that he is interested in reading, sounds like he is ready for Reception! To be honest most reading scheme book storylines aren’t great, they are just teaching them the different techniques for learning to read. When I was teaching, I used a few different schemes, they are much the same but Rigby star is probably my favourite. When he is in Reception he will get loads to support his interest in reading. Over the summer, what I would do is look at some simple picture books that you already have and when reading them together encourage him to sound out any simple 3 letter words as they come up in the story. Also as he is interested in reading, I would look at the simple common words (you could google Phase 2 tricky words) – words that can’t necessary be sounded out (e.g. the) try to spot them in the book and talk about them. Xxx

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      1. Thanks for all that. We are actually Home Educating so no official school start date! Hoping for Munashe to be able to learn things that he is interested in his own pace. Should be a fun learning journey!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! When I was teaching I used “The very hungry caterpillar” a lot, there are lots of opportunities for learning in all areas of EYFS curriculum. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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