What has made me smile in June!??!!

June has been a pretty busy month particularly because we have lots of birthdays to celebrate! Here is a monthly round up of things that have made me smile in June!

My top ten SMILES (in no particular order!) ………..

  1. It is Mr Lee’s birthday in June and we had a great time celebrating including a night at the Udderbelly on the Southbank “Best of the comedy store” great comedians! Then we spent a day with Tom celebrating too – we went on the London Eye (241 with a train ticket) and down to Greenwich on the Thames clipper, so much fun! Loved the boat trip definitely the highlight for me and Tom!2015-06-07 12.02.34
  2. The next one brings a massive smile onto my face (and happy tears too), a wonderful friend has adopted her beautiful daughter and this month she got to meet her and bring her home!!!! Recently my sister and her husband adopted three (yes three!) daughters so adoption has become very close to my heart. I greatly admire my sister and husband and my friend for proceeding through the gruelling adoption process! I know these fabulous girls are blessed to have wonderful parents and an amazing future in their forever families!
  3. It is has been wonderful to start publishing my blog! You have all brought a smile to my face by once again your wonderful support to me, thank you!
  4. Another birthday…….. my Mum’s 70th!!! We celebrated with a surprise picnic, which was lovely………. Pimms and a lot of fun! We had the picnic in Queen Elizabeth Country Park, beautiful park with lots to explore, highly recommend a visit if you’re passing, hope to go back!mums 70
  5. Spending time with my new and old (er) nieces, love them so much, so proud! (Anna missed you……… it did NOT make me smile that you were sick!).
  6. Sitting in Starbucks with Tom, waiting for Mr Lee………… sharing stories about our day out…. Priceless…… smile, smile, smile!
  7. Day out with friends to London Wetland centre (241 again with your train ticket), I will write in more detail about our day soon but it was a great day! Tom and his friend just love to explore….. in the trees, up on rocks and amongst long grass! Also we found a great kids charity shop in Barnes, we bought a big bag of Lego… has kept Tom busy so that definitely brings a smile to my face!2015-06-05 12.44.03
  8. Celebrating Father’s day with a very tasty Italian meal! Luciano’s SE12
  9. Sanding the floor in play room (Goodbye horrible old blue carpet)!2015-06-27 16.54.25
  10. I am going to cheat now because June has been busy………Last minute night out with Mr Lee……….. breakfast with a fabulous friend……… take away night with beautiful friends………….. lots of smiles in June!

Look ahead to July…………. Smiling already!

  1. A holiday!!!! Yes we are going to Centerparcs for 4 nights………. Cannot wait! Last chance to take a holiday in term time………. Whoop-whoop! And it looks like we have timed it with a heat wave!!!
  2. Summer holidays…….. mixed feeling to be honest! It is the end of Tom’s nursery education and in September he will be in Full-time education…….. eek! However looking forward to the Summer holidays, childminding will be quieter (at least not all the school runs!) so we can do lots of adventures!
  3. We are having a little teeny bit of work done on the flat! Watch this space….

Thanks for reading, hope you had a great June and that July brings lots of sunshine! I will be a little quiet this week as we are away but will catch up when we are back!


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