Where do you buy your children’s books?

I‘d really like to say I go to my local book shop…….browse…….. then walk out with a handful of beautiful new books……..(blue sky…. tweeting birds, son skipping next to me), unfortunately the reality is we don’t have a local book shop. When Tom and I find ourselves in a book shop we can spend ages looking at all the books and reading together, however the need to be thrifty means we rarely buy them then and there, I have to shop around for the best price.shutterstock_52812544

For a long time I have just bought from Amazon so easy, cheap and good service, having watched a documentary on the company and I really felt their ethics were really far from where they should be, so I have tried to move away from that Amazon habit, I do use it from time to time, but if I do I try to buy “used” books! So what do I do now………. well I shop around……. Ebay…… The Book People…… Waterstones (often have good offers when buying a couple of books) charity shops or simply borrow from the library! Where do you buy your children books?


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