The bus obsession!

Around the age of a year and half Tom would constantly be playing with small metal buses and every night would sleep with one in each hand! Despite owning about 5 buses, I was constantly hunting for them when he was distraught having lost them all…………… thankfully the obsession only lasted about a year……!!!

As buses seemed to be his chosen interest I wanted to find books for him to enjoy about buses, straightaway I thought of “Naughty bus” which became a firm favourite, he soon became able to recite it and the final page does really capture what Tom was like at that time!


I highly recommend “Naughty bus” by Jan Oke, it is a simple story of a child being given a gift of a toy bus and the adventure the bus goes on. The adventure follows the child’s daily routine from playing inside and out, mealtimes and brushing teeth at the end of the day. The pictures are all photos taken at the child’s level, which I think adds to the appeal of the book. The book promotes a lot of discussion and captures the imagination, an excellent book…. worth investing in!


To be honest the main crafty activity around this love of buses was just to make ones out of boxes! Paint a box, stick on paper windows, number plates….. Tom always loved doing this and played excitedly with them! (As you can see no expensive spared on this one!)

.2015-04-27 13.13.21

Any bus fans out there!?!?

Other bus books we love………

Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus by Mo Willems (we will talk about this one in more details it is fantastic!).

The hundred decker bus by Mike Smith

My first London bus by Marion Billet


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