We are very fortunate to live near Stratford, where there is the Discover Children’s story centre, it is a wonderful centre that focuses on storytelling, where children play inside and outside to discover what makes up a story.


There is a hands-on exhibition in the basement, when we previously went it was all about space, at the moment it has the most wonderful exhibition entitled “Once there was….The wonderful world of Oliver Jeffers”. It is stunning, as you walk in, you go straight into the boy’s bedroom from “Lost and Found”, you can then walk onto the street where the lost and found office is, or into the boy’s kitchen or even travel to the South Pole. I cannot praise it highly enough, it is wonderful, the attention to detail is captivating. Tom was mesmerised by the exhibition as I was, he loved dressing up as the boy and dragging around as many penguins as possible! It totally brought the books to life for him and as soon as he returned home he found all his Oliver Jeffers books and insisted I read them to him!

If you haven’t been……… go……… it is wonderful day out for the children! discovery

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2 Responses to Discover…….Discover!

  1. We love that book! The story centre sounds fantastic, wish it was closer to us 😦


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