A classic…….. Zog!

Julia Donaldson is an amazing author who is writing so many hit stories and Zog is definitely no exception! We love it and read it again and again! Dragon stories are always very popular and placing the story within a Dragon school captures children imaginations within a familiar context. Children are always talking about moving up to the next class in school and this story takes the children on that journey with Zog.91mIHNOELQL

The story is about Zog a keen dragon who wants to gain a golden star. Zog finds it hard to succeed but with the encouragement of a girl who turns out to be a princess, he is able to keep trying and finally gain that much desired prize and a “respectable” career! I love the character of Princess Pearl who is definitely a feminist, she doesn’t need a man (or a dragon…) to fight for her, she doesn’t want to sit around being princessy either, she wants to be a doctor!


Julia Donaldson’s rhyming verses are a pleasure to read and children love to listen! They particularly laugh when Zog blows out snow rather than fire! Must mention Axel Scheffler’s amazing illustrations, we always love spotting the Gruffalo in each book too! Zog is a firm classic in our household!

Zog definitely inspired us to get creative, here are some of our favourites!

Symmetrical dragon picture

Need: Paper, paint, pens.

Fold a piece of paper in half and paint on one half only then fold paper back together, press and unfold. Add paper features to create a dragon!


Gold star award

Need: Jar lid, ribbon or thread, stickers, pens (such as Sharpies that draw on metal), tape or super glue.

Decorate a jar lid with stickers (or just paper and glue) and pens. Finally attach ribbon or thread…….. and there is your golden star award!

 2015-05-01 13.41.412015-05-01 14.00.26

Dragon hat with tail!

Need: Two pieces of thin card, pens or paint to decorate, staples or glue or tape.

Firstly decorate the card, we printed onto the card with green paint. Then cut the card to make a band with a long piece of card attached at the back. With the remaining card make ears and spikes, attach to the band however you please! Then roar away………

2015-05-03 11.19.00

2015-05-10 09.49.32 2015-05-10 09.50.13

I hope these inspire you! I have put a folder in our pinterest of even more ideas!

Happy making! Xxx


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