Our favourite of the moment…….. Oi frog!

We bought “Oi frog!” by Kes Gray and Jim Field after it caught our eye in the bookshop. We read it in the shop and it made us laugh straightaway! It is a story about a frog that will not sit on his log BUT according to the cat- frogs must sit on logs, cats sit on mats, seals on wheels, puffins on muffins etc. etc. The story has a great ending when the frog asks who dogs sit on!


The 3 years olds I look after enjoy it and talk about it lots and the 6 years olds take on the different characters and retell the story. With my teacher hat on again, I would definitely use this book to discuss rhyming words and the story has a great structure that children could use to make their own books. Highly recommend to all but definitely to Early Year/ Year 1 teachers.


Oi frog! is written by Kes Gray and Jim Field. The author Kes Gray is fast becoming one of our favourites, we loved Billy’s bucket, Nuddy Ned and the Daisy stories. We are quite new to Jim Field but we do really enjoy “There’s a lion in my cornflakes”, and look forward to reading more by him.

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