Ahoy Captain!

I have thought long and hard about the first book to share and finally decided on a series of books that are very popular with all the children in this house both boys and girls “Captain Flinn and the Pirate dinosaurs” by Giles Andreae and Russell Ayto. We have all four of the stories in the series, I guess they are suitable from 3 ½ years olds upwards.

Firstly what I love about the books is that I know Giles Andreae and Russell Ayto must really know children, they have taken two very popular children’s interests “Dinosaurs” and “Pirates” combined them so well in fantastic stories. The pictures are fascinating to children, they spend a long time looking at all the details, often stopping me turning the page until they have taken it all in!


Each story follows a simple structure- a boy named Flinn and his friends are in a school setting, then go on an adventure into a fantasy land where they meet Pirates and dinosaurs. The fearless group of friends take on the Pirate Dinosaurs and of course they always win and save the day!


Children love the books because each story really captures their imaginations taking them from a school setting that they relate to and takes them to an amazing world of pirates and dinosaurs but fundamentally the reason children love these books and want them read over and over again is because each story makes them laugh!!!

The books do really inspire pirate creative activities of which there are so many! Here are some of our favourites!

Making a pirate map

Need: Paper, water, a tea-bag and pens.

Tea stain a piece of paper by dipping a teabag in water then dab/brush/bang onto the paper until the paper is completely covered in tea-ish water! When the paper is dry, tear around the edge then draw a map. Finally screw up the map and unfold. Job done!2015-02-23 15.49.59

Treasure box!

Need: egg box, paint, stickers or paper and treasure!

Paint an egg box brown, once dried decorate with paper and/or stickers. Then collect or make some treasure, salt dough coins are perfect!

pirate treasure

Pirate hooks!

Need: Disposable cup, foil, sticky tape, stickers or washi tape.

Very simple but lots of fun for the children to play with. Make a hole in the base of a disposable cup, make a hook out of foil and then push the hook through the hole and secure with tape. Finally they could decorate with stickers and/or washi tape.

2015-04-12 11.02.58

I hope these inspire you! I have put a folder in our pinterest of even more ideas! Also there are lots of dinosaur activities too.

Other pirate books we love……

The Pirates Next door Jonny Duddle

The Night Pirates Peter Harris

Have fun xxxxx


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