The story to here………

Since leaving teaching after 10 years…. to be very honest I haven’t looked back! There are elements I miss, of course….. I actually really enjoyed planning (maybe not in the eloquent and detailed way that was required of me) I loved taking a book and planning from it, being a foundation stage teacher we took a picture book and planned all areas of the curriculum from it, literacy, maths, creative etc. I enjoyed moving away from the same old books (though I do love some of the classics) and discovering new books that really grab children’s interest.

2015-04-17 09.09.01

Since starting childminding 3 years ago, there are parts of my job that I love, particularly those really strong relationships I have built with the children I care for. Another part of my job that I enjoy is planning creative activities. With the school age children, I find out the books they are learning about at school then plan creative art based activities for them to do. Children are always keen to share about their learning and enjoy it being extended in a creative way at home. Another part of childminding that I have enjoyed is lots of trips to library, it has been great to read a variety of books and discover what really makes children enjoy particular stories (I have got quite a lot of library books at home that I refuse to return because we love them so much, don’t tell my library!).

Though childminding has definitely been the right move for me and us as a family, there has been something lacking for me…. So I have spent the last couple of years exploring different avenues, I started really thinking about ME, what makes me ME, what are my passions? My husband, my son, friends, family, homemaking, homemade, vintage but I could not ignore that deep passion for children and particularly early education.20141101_195950

I have secretly fancied writing a blog so I thought this could be a place where I share children’s books we love and especially ones that inspire creative activities. I won’t be able to resist including a few other bits and bobs… so watch this space too!

I hope you enjoy the journey on the blog, feel free to get in touch, would love to hear your book recommendations, question, views and ideas… or just a hello!

Thanks for reading xxxx2014-03-14 12.54.43


4 thoughts on “The story to here………

  1. Love your blog, Ruthie! Will be following it with lots of interest! One of the best early educators I’ve had the privilege to work with! xxx


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